In today’s age, we are such a go, go, go society but when you step back and look at your day, how much of that is truly productive?

Sometimes we could be spinning our wheels and never get to where we are looking to go. It can leave us feeling defeated and like “I’ll never get all of this done”.

Below are 7 tips to increase your productivity. Which one will you implement right away? 


7 Tips To Increase Your Productivity

How to increase productivity


1. Keep A Sacred First Hour To Your Day

I can’t say this enough, don’t check your phone for the first HOUR of your day. You will get so much more done PLUS you will not be bombarded with the energy from all of the messages and emails etc.

This also means not checking these things on your computer. Ha! You thought I wouldn’t catch that huh? Lol Yeah, don’t be checking Facebook on your computer. I’m watching you 👀

If you think it is a must to answer your phone by 7 am, then get up at 6 am so you can have that hour to yourself.

2. Do A Brain Dump

In order to know what you need to do and where your focus needs to be, do a brain dump. Get out the good old pen and paper and just write.

All of those thoughts in your head need to be put to paper and then you can actually SEE it all.

Don’t let this thought make you feel overwhelmed. Honestly, they are all in your head and now you’re just making them visible to your eyes.

It will really help you see what you need to get done and prioritize accordingly.

3. Minimize Tasks

Now that you have done a brain dump, it’s time to minimize what NEEDS to get done in a day. Too often we overload ourselves and that’s not a good thing to do.

Pick out 3-6 tasks that have the highest priority. Until those things are done, don’t move on to something else.

Do your best to balance the tasks you choose between something that makes you feel fulfilled, accomplished and is a money making activity if you’re in business.

4. Set A Timer

When you use a timer there is something that clicks inside like “crap I better focus!” Especially when you get one that ticks loudly then you know the time is counting down Lol

You can also Google “timer” and there is a timer you can use. Make sure your volume is up so you hear it go off.

When it comes to setting an actual time, really evaluate your task. Realistically can you write a blog post in 30 mins? Perhaps, but maybe an hour is more sufficient? You be the judge.

If you are not complete when the timer goes off, step back and reevaluate the task and what is left to complete.

Do you only have 5-10 mins left? If so, knock it out before moving on. If not, take a break from it and move on to another task. You can come back to it later.

5. Manage Your Distractions

No one knows you better than you. Are you distracted by music? Then don’t have it playing while you’re working.

And, unless your task requires your phone, and I say REQUIRES…..put it on silent in the other room or somewhere so that you won’t check it. Checking your phone is not the task.

This one step can shave hours off the time it takes to complete your tasks. No Distractions = Better Performance

6. Work When It’s Best For You

I may ruffle a few guru feathers here but I have come to know and believe that you need to work when it’s best for YOU. If you’re more productive in the evening then be productive then.

Unless you have a deadline to complete something by noon then don’t force yourself to get up at the butt crack of dawn to do it.

When you’re focused, have your task list and have managed your distractions, you’re going to get so much more completed that you’ll end up with free time!

7. Get An Accountability Partner

Accountability partners are great because it’s a commitment you’re making to the other person and more importantly you’re stepping up to the plate for yourself!

I have personally been working with one of my own accountability partners for over 7 months now and you’d be amazed at everything I’ve achieved with her help!

Seeing the impact a partner makes, I decided to create a service to help others. If you’re interested in working with someone that will “Hold You To It”, then click here to see if it’s right for you!


*Bonus tip!*


Set Your Intentions

What intentions are you setting for your day? If you’re thinking “ugh, omg I have so much to do today how will I ever get it done??” then you’re starting out on the wrong foot.

Flip it to the positive side. Set an intention such as “I complete all tasks with ease” or “I am focused and complete everything I need to do”.

Take a moment and write it out. Once it’s written you can reread it throughout the day as a calming reminder 🙂


Alright Attainers!

Which tip resonated with you the most? I’d love to hear from you and hear your tips for increasing your productivity so leave me a comment!

And until next time, go out and Attain Your Awesome!

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