Personalized 1-on-1 eCommerce Training

“a unique approach that focuses on you and creating your business “


  • Wanted to start your own personal E-Commerce business?
  • Felt STUCK and confused on how to start and where to begin?
  • Wished that you could work with someone directly?
  • Felt overwhelmed by complicated advertising strategies?
  • Wanted a personalized plan just for you and your business?

Introducing My Brand New eCommerce Training Program!


I created this eCommerce Training program after realizing how much easier and quicker it was for someone when I worked directly with them.

Without 1-on-1 help, you may find yourself feeling frustrated, confused and not knowing what to do next. 

I take all the guesswork out of building an online eCommerce store so that your business is up and running in 2 months.* 

In this training, I am solely focused on you and your business.  Answering your questions immediately and working WITH YOU is something missing in today’s world and I’m here to bring it back!



Working with Carrie has been life changing for me! Seriously! Over the past 3 years I have spent close to $50,000 just to work with people who over promised and under delivered. BIG TIME!! They would never give you the entire piece of what you needed. No, that would cost you extra for that!

In the first few days of working with Carrie, she has given me more than anyone ever has and I get emotional just thinking about it. She gets you as an individual, she works with you to understand what you want and she celebrates with you when you get those results. No empty promises with Carrie!

Can I recommend you work with Carrie? If you want results, that’s a no brainer…Hell Ya!!

~Darlene Gaetz


As a courtesy to my clients, I do have limited spots available. This is to ensure individualized attention and ample time to provide a detailed 1-on-1 experience.

Your Personalized eCommerce Training Includes:

(3) 1 Hour Strategy Sessions

We will kick off the program with a 1-hour strategy session. I’m excited to talk shop, literally! We’ll work together to develop a store concept, create a store name, pick colors and more! We will have a clear direction of where we are heading. We’ll meet twice more for more ideas as needed!

Done For You Store Set-Up

The last thing you need to deal with when setting up an online store is all the minor details behind the scenes. I will create the bones of your store so you have an aesthetically pleasing look with 5 products ready to go! Now you can focus on the fun part of running your store.

(16) 1-Hour Video Calls

Over the next 2 months, we will meet twice a week for one hour to go step by step in product research, train on how to advertise on Google and we will implement a Pinterest strategy as well. This is a “from the ground up” program and I’ll be here to walk you through it all!

Video Recordings

Every session we have together will be recorded and sent to you via email. You will share your screen so your video has the full experience. Get stuck on something? Don’t worry! Now you will have an entire library of personalized training at your fingertips!

Product Research Strategy

Did you know that when it comes to advertising there are right and wrong types of products to have on your store? Yep! I will give you an exact tool to use that helps you find products easily and we’ll review exactly what you should and should not say on your product pages. Let’s draw those customers in!

Google Advertising

Breaking it down and simplifying the art of advertising on Google. Google is an amazing tool to use for an eCommerce store! And, it’s personally how I tripled my sales in one month. This is an in-depth training and I will give you an exact strategy to implement while we are on our calls together.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Now that we have your store loaded with awesome products, it’s time to work on a marketing strategy for Pinterest. This platform is perfect for eCommerce stores and quite frankly a hidden gem that isn’t over saturated! We’ll work to drive free traffic to your store for months, even years to come!

Peace Of Mind

My main goals with our time together is to leave you with Confidence, Peace of Mind and a working Store that you can be proud of! I will be with you every step of the way throughout the training and I will be available up to 30 days after as well. Don’t stay stuck, just reach out and I’ll be there!



I am personally walking you step by step through your entire business, including marketing strategies, in a 1-on-1 personalized setting.

We will work live together every week and by the end of the program, you will have a fully functional eCommerce business that you will run with confidence.

What you get from me is dedication to your success, a positive spirit and someone who truly has your best interests in mind!


I’m looking to work with people who are truly ready to own their own business. You listen well to direction, take action and you are willing to put in the effort.

Someone who’s looking for an added personalized touch that fits your needs through 1-on-1 real-life coaching.

A positive mindset with excited energy is always a must in any business you choose to do and it will work wonders during our time together too!



Have Additional Questions?

Q: What Is An eCommerce Business?

A: Imagine a brick and mortar store but instead of housing inventory physically, the entire store is digital and online via the internet. A process called “drop shipping” will be used to send purchased products directly from your vendors to your customers.

Q: What Is The eCommerce Training Program?

A: The eCommerce training program is designed to work 1-on-1 with you to develop your store, teach you advertising techniques on Google and marketing strategies on Pinterest. I’ll personally work with you to attain your business goals, develop strategy plans and give you the tools to help you succeed.

Q: How Does The eCommerce Training Program Work?

A: Once you’ve signed up, we’ll have a 1-hour strategy session. We’ll talk about the type of store you want to create and we will devise a plan together to get your store ready for sales.  Every week we will have 2 one-hour video calls for training.  Finally, we will have brainstorming and strategy sessions as needed during your training. We’ll go more in-depth when you book a call.

Q: Why Are There Limited Spots Available?

A: As I am truly offering a 1-on-1 experience, I want to ensure that I am able to provide quality, value and ample time for every single one of my clients. My goal is to work with clients without rushing or adding pressure to get to my next appointment.

Q: Is The eCommerce Training Program Right For Me If I Don't Know What Type Of Store To Make?

A: Absolutely! After you join, we will go into detail on our first strategy session call. Let’s see what type of items interest you most and will work well with Google and we’ll go from there! :) 

Q: What Is Required Of Me?

A: There are a few things you will need:

  1. Budget to purchase your store and a domain name (a.k.a. “www.”)
  2. Advertising budget for Google Ads
  3. Canva photo creation tool or equivalent
  4. Access to a computer with a camera
  5. Commitment and effort
  6. Positive mindset
Q: How Much Of My Time Is Required?

A: Our calls will take 2 hours a week but beyond that, your time is completely dependent on you. 

Q: I'm Not A Techie Person. Is That Okay?

A:  It is ideal to have experience with navigating on your computer and using the internet.

Q: Why Do I Need To Book A Call?

A: Our first 30-minute chat will be beneficial as we’ll get to know each other a little and briefly touch on the ins and outs of this program. I want to ensure that we are both a great fit for each other :) This is a complimentary call.

Q: What If I Need Longer Than 2 Months?

A: This scenario will be discussed on a case by case basis. Extended packages are available for purchase.

Q: What If I Want To Cancel My Commitment?

A: If you choose to join my E-Commerce Training Program and then decide it isn’t for you, you will have 48 hours after purchase to cancel your commitment by contacting

Upon cancellation, your payment will be refunded via the method you selected for payment.

We cannot issue a refund after 48 hours.


A: Your online store will be fully functional and ready to process orders in as little as 2 months so as long as you complete the work assigned during each call. 

start now and let’s get your store open for business!