Finally, someone who gets where you’re going and will help you get there



Are You Ready To Finally Achieve Your Goals?

I’ve seen it so many times, so many people (including myself) make goals only to look back at the end of year feeling defeated.

I know it’s easy to get sidetracked.

You start off strong but somewhere along the way distractions occur or life happens.

I get it and I can totally relate……


  •  Set goals with the best intentions only to miss the mark?
  • Start off strong but fizzle out?
  • Told yourself that this WILL be the time you achieve your goals?
  • Get frustrated and feel defeated?
  • Felt like giving up?
  • Wished that you could be more positive and turn things around?


You know that having an encouraging partner will help you succeed but who can you team up with?


Well, now you can count on me to HOLD YOU TO IT!


Introducing My Brand New Hold Me To It Program!


I created the Hold Me To It program after years of working personally with friends who needed that extra push and a listening ear.

When you have a daily check-in, all of a sudden, shit gets real. You think crap, I better get this done! Lol I’ve been there so I know that feeling!

And it’s not just the check in’s, sometimes it’s that one brainstorming call that really takes it to the next level.

Whether you’ve been feeling stuck or uninspired, with the Hold Me To It program, it’s like having a personal trainer by your side every day. Cheering you on and giving you a swift kick in the ass when you need it!



Everyone needs a Carrie in their life! I am lucky enough to have worked with Carrie, which is how we became close friends. She has also become a huge mentor to me as well! I couldn’t ask for a better person to be my friend, mentor, and accountability partner! Where Carrie shines, is her ability to be truly invested in you too. While Carrie is working on her own goals, she never forgets yours you shared with her! Carrie has kept me on track, helped me get back on track, always holds me accountable to my goals, and has helped me regain focus more then I could ever thank her for!

~Stacey Bales

Being accountable to Carrie over the last 8 months has been incredible. Knowing that someone is checking in on you really helps you get things done. The list that was never created before is a must everyday, and I have to say I look forward to it. It feels so good to cross things off and feel accomplished in my day. It’s encouraging and inspiring to know that someone’s always there to cheer you on and also give you the push that’s needed. I have grown so much and my dreams and goals are coming into reality. My business is growing, and even have some big projects in the works, I’m excited for the future.

~Colleen Williamson

Carrie really has a very unique way of bringing the best out of you and keeping you on track. Her and I met at our first event and became great close friends. We have counted on each other for ideas, being accountable and for inspiration. Everyone can benefit from having someone they can count on and for me, it’s still Carrie. I am blessed to be able to say if you get the chance to work with her, changes WILL come your way.

~Laura Slowinski

The Hold Me To It Program Includes:

(1) 1 Hour Strategy Session

We will kick off the program with a 1-hour strategy session. I’m excited to discuss your goals! We’ll also discuss what’s been blocking you from achieving them and then I’ll help you put a plan in place for success. Sometimes that extra ear and a fresh eye can really turn things around!

(3) 30 Minute Calls

I know how it goes after the first week of excitement. That’s when you start to lose steam and sometimes our minds turn towards the negative. These calls will boost you back up and can be used to brainstorm ideas to help you amp up your momentum.


Daily Check In

Yep, you read that right! Don’t worry, it’s not like when your mom always hounded you “did you clean your room yet?” Lol Consider this more of daily inspiration and having your own personal cheerleader. You will need to show your work too, you’re not getting out of it that easy 😉


How To Set Goals

You’ll get access to my workbook: How to set goals that actually work! I know when I first started I thought I knew how to make a goal but it turns out, there’s some tweaking we can do to make the odds that more favorable to us. Learn these tricks inside the workbook.


How To Create A DMO

DMO? Daily Method of Operation Fancy huh? Lol So now that you have your goals you may be thinking well crap, there’s so much to do to achieve them! Easy tiger, you’ll get there, and creating a DMO that not only sets you up for success but also feels good, will have you achieving your goals in no time!

Time Management Tracker

Have you ever fallen into the “scroll hole” of FB only to wonder where all your time went? Ever underestimated the time it really takes to complete your to-do’s? With my time management tracker, you’ll not only be more aware of “what the heck did I do all day?” but you’ll be more aware of how much time it really takes.

Daily Achievement Tracker

It is SO easy to get lost in the “I didn’t get this done today” syndrome. Instead, you can use the daily achievement tracker to record your daily achievements and be really proud of the things you did get done or things that made you feel good. Looking back a month from now, you’ll think wow, that’s some great stuff!

Gratitude Tracker

When you can take a moment to write at least ONE thing you are grateful for each day, things start to massively shift! Getting through blocks and reaching a higher level of success goes hand-in-hand with having gratitude for what already exists. Not only does it feel good while you’re doing it but looking back on all that you’re grateful for will feel that much better.

If you’re a professional procrastinator like I was and you need a push to kick start your day, Carrie is your girl. Not only will she be there to hold you accountable, but she will also help you find balance in your daily goals. I’m genuinely thankful to have such an amazing cheerleader in my life when I needed one the most.

~Tambra Hansen

Posting on social media for my business used to be such a chore. Carrie’s unique perspective really changed my thinking and with her help, we created a posting plan that not only boosted sales but was really in line with my core beliefs. She held me accountable every day and I can’t thank her enough! She’s the cheerleader you want in your corner!

~Samantha James

** Once you’ve signed up, we’ll have a 1-hour strategy session. We’ll talk about the goals you have and create a plan together to help you achieve it.

** Every week we will have a 30-minute call. These are great for times when you might lose your ambition or we can brainstorm more on action steps to take towards your goal.

** Daily check-ins via messages will help to encourage you and let you know that I’m right here when you need!

** Immediate downloads to set you up for success including how to set goals, time management tracker and more!

** Creating a DMO that’s personalized to you. Feel great about the work you’re doing while getting it all done.


As the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. 

I’m looking to work with people who are truly ready to make a change but just need someone to run with them. 

I will be just as dedicated as you are to your success but I won’t drag you through the mud either. 

If you’re sick and tired of setting goals only to look back and see that they didn’t get accomplished, the Hold Me To It Program is for you.






While everyone’s personal goals and experiences are unique, below are just a few of the things I can help hold you accountable for:

** Health Improvement

** Creating and maintaining consistency in your business

** Earning more money

** Achieving success with personal development

** Creating a life you desire

** Improving relationships

** Much more! 

Have Additional Questions?

Q: What Is The Hold Me To It Program?

A: The hold me to it program is like having a personal trainer with you every day for a month. I’ll personally work with you to attain your goals, develop strategy plans and give you the tools to help you succeed.

Q: How Does The Hold Me To It Program Work?

A: Once you’ve signed up, we’ll have a 1-hour strategy session. We’ll talk about the goals you have and create a plan together to help you achieve them.  Every week we will have a 30-minute call for brainstorming.  Finally, you’ll receive daily check-ins via messages from me as well. We’ll go more in-depth when you book a call.

Q: Why Do I Need To Book A Call?

A: Our first 15-minute chat will be beneficial as we’ll get to know each other a little and briefly touch on your goal. I want to ensure that we are both a great fit for each other 🙂 

Q: How And When Will I Receive My Downloads?

A: You will receive your trackers, graphs, and workbooks via the email address you provide at the time of payment.

They will arrive within 48 hours after purchase. 

Q: What Is Required Of Me?

A: There are a few things you will need

  1. An open mind
  2. Commitment
  3. Positive mindset
  4. 1-2 notebooks and a pen
  5. Access to a computer/phone with a camera
Q: How Much Of My Time Is Required?

A: Your time is completely dependent on you but you only get what you put in. This is your success and you deserve to give yourself 100%. Everyone’s goals are different but we will have more of an idea once we have your first call.

Q: What If I Need Longer Than A Month?

A: No worries! The program is designed to give you the tools to help you achieve at least 1 goal you have but if life gets in the way, simply purchase a second month for a discounted rate of $79. We’ll have another 1-hour strategy session to review what didn’t serve you and how it can be improved during your second month.

Q: Is The Hold Me To It Program Right For Me If I Don't Have Any Goals?

A: Absolutely! While it is ideal to have an idea of where you want to see your life in a year from now, it’s not necessary. We can use your 1-hour strategy session to talk through how to create your vision and with the workbooks provided, you’ll have additional material to help you succeed.

Q: What If I Want To Cancel My Commitment?

A: If you choose to join the Hold Me To It Program and then decide it isn’t for you, you will have 48 hours after purchase to cancel your commitment by contacting

Upon cancellation, your payment will be refunded via the method you selected for payment.

We cannot issue a refund after 48 hours.

get started now and let’s CRUSH YOUR GOALS!!