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Hi! I’m carrie

i believe in the awesome of everyone and i’m here to help you achieve it

Hi Everyone and welcome to Attain Your Awesome!

I’m Carrie B and for the past 5 years I’ve been working through the gutters of my own personal awesomeness.

I used to shy away in the background and think that life was okay and that I was good with living “okay”. I soon realized there was a whole world of greatness open to me and if I wanted it, I could have it! 

I didn’t want to remain complacent. I wanted to live life with ease, you know, without worry and stress. I wanted to manifest abundance of many varieties in my life as well. 

So I began my personal development journey and I still work on it daily. And I’ll tell you…..

It was the best decision EVER!

What I bring to you is over $35,000 in training that I’ve personally done! I have knowledge not only in personal development but in productivity, goal setting and more.

After spending that amount you do gain a teeny bit of knowledge Lol

So why Attain Your Awesome?

Well, I don’t know about you but when I started my journey there were very few people around that truly supported what I was doing. Finding positive people and environments can be difficult so I thought, why not start my own!

And that’s what I’m doing :)

So let me be the first to welcome you!

Congrats to you for taking the first step in attaining our awesome and I can’t wait to see your journey grow into the life you’ve always wanted!!

~~Carrie B =)

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s attain your awesome!

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