Great day Attainers!


Thanks for stopping by to read my journal entries for repairing my gut!

I really hope that all of the personal trials and information I share helps someone out there feel their best!

I’ve chosen to go an all-natural route with my plan in hopes that it will do the trick.


Why Do I Need To Repair My Gut?


So if I’m going to journal each day about how what I’m doing is affecting me, then it’s only fitting that I tell you why I feel I need to repair my gut.

For the past 5 years now I’ve had what I thought was eczema (and what could still be) mainly under my arms. I get patches on my forearm and chest occasionally as well.

In addition, my belly just doesn’t feel well most times, I have brain fog, I get very fatigued and more.
I was talking with a friend of mine, Kelle, and she was like “I think you have candida”. Uh….a do what? What is that? OMG! Lol yeah I freaked out a tad.

I had never heard of candida before. She was super helpful with tips, foods to eat and supplements as well. Thanks to Kelle it started my research and journey!

I came across Dr. Axe. He’s got the real letters behind his name Lol He speaks on Candida and a LOT of it applied to me.

Check out his article here on 9 Candida Symptoms & 3 Steps To Treat Them

I’ve decided to try the recommended cleanse and diet to see if it will help me heal.

I’ve Tried It All…Almost

Over the past 5 years, I really have tried it all, well almost.

I’ve tried creams, lotions, soaps, all natural deodorant, and I’ve even seen a dermatologist that gave me a prescription for a steroid cream of which I was using daily.

They told me not to but the itch wouldn’t stop without using it so I kept on. It’s embarrassing to be scratching at your pits all day am I right?!

For my diet, I started tinkering with healthier eating. As you’ll read a bit further down, it’s still a challenge for me.

14-Day Detox Challenge

I joined a 14-day Detox challenge a year ago and that went well. Basically, you eliminate certain foods like dairy, sugar, gluten and such for 10 days and then on the remaining 4 days you slowly introduce the foods back in to see if you have a reaction.

It went well and gluten and dairy were definitely ones that made me feel worse, along with regular salt.

No Processed Foods

After some time I decided to try my hand at not eating processed foods. That’s when I really saw a difference. There are so many acids and words we cannot pronounce in canned and boxed foods.

I felt better but fell back into old habits and, my itching never went away fully.

So here we are, trying something new.

How Will I Repair My Gut?

So, as mentioned in Dr. Axe’s article, I’m going to start with the liquid cleanse, then move to the veggie cleanse, and then to the diet.

The two cleanses will take 7 days so I’m pretty excited to see how it goes!


Grocery List

Today I traveled to Whole Foods to get the ingredients for the liquid cleanse.  You can go to any store you like and, if you’re on a budget, you can skip buying all organic.

  • 1 Organic Onion
  • 1 Organic Garlic Bulb (yes the whole thing Lol)
  • 1 Organic Bundle of Kale
  • 1 Organic Celery Bunch
  • Sea Salt to taste
  • Water (enough to cover and simmer)
  • Makes one day’s worth of broth


  • Roughly cut all veggies in big chunks and remove garlic from shells and bulb
  • Combine all items and simmer for approx 45 mins
  • Strain and discard the veggies keeping only the broth
  • Sip on the warm broth all day, reheat when needed
  • ENSURE  that you also have at least 72 oz of water


The Mindset I’ll Have

One big thing I want to mention is the visualizations I’ve already been working on and what I’ll use during this time.

I currently follow Bob Proctor’s “Thinking Into Results” program and let me tell you, it’s been amazing thus far!

I work for 30 mins a day on visualizing my future and stepping into the person I want to be.

One of my visions is to have a healthy, toned body that feels great and I weigh my best weight. I think about what the future Carrie looks like, how she carries herself, the clothes she wears and more.

Then “out of the blue” (cough cough, no such thing), a friend of mine mentioned Candida, I found Dr. Axe and now I’m listening to the universe and giving it a try.

Following Bob’s program teaches us not to worry about “how” it come about, just focus on your vision as if it’s already yours and you will create it and draw it to you like a magnet.


my gut repair journey pre-kickoff day


Last Hu-rah….

So as I was heading to Whole Foods thinking about how healthy I’m going to get and seeing all the healthy people at Whole Foods will be so inspiring….and then….

McDonald’s…..Lol I see it, I smell it and I said, what the hell, one last hu-rah won’t hurt.

And, I’ve already decided to splurge on Star Bucks later too. 🙈


Final Thoughts

So that’s my thoughts for pre-kickoff and the actions I’ve taken to hit the door running tomorrow.

I’m really planning to keep my thoughts in check as I can already hear myself saying “but you’ll be sooo hungry”, “you can sneak some chicken or a candy bar in”, blah blah blah Lol

For now she will sit on the sidelines until she can play nicely with the new self I’m becoming 🙂


Until tomorrow…..

Open up your Hearts, Eyes, and Minds and Let’s Attain Your Awesome today!



P.S.–> Would you like to learn more about the power of visualization and the Thinking Into Results program I’m doing to gain results fast? Private Email Me and I’ll share more with you.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, professional or anything of the sort. I’m a girl sharing her gut repair journey with others in hopes that it sheds more light on living our healthiest selves*

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s attain your awesome!