Great Day Attainers!

Gosh, 6 days in and I’m still alive! Yay! Lol But really, this can be difficult if you let it.

I’ve been keeping my mind right and what really helps is visualizing my future body. How I feel, how I look, what I do and so on. Try it sometime, it makes a world of difference!

Today I’m doing an armpit detox to help draw out more toxins. I picked up some Bentonite Clay at the Vitamin Shop. It was about $7 for a big bowl of it and it goes a long way!


my gut repair journey day 6


Today’s Menu

I don’t have much planned today as I’m not feeling well. I do have some leftovers in the fridge that I think I’ll make use of.

*Update, felt MUCH better in the afternoon. I learned about buckwheat today and even though the name screams otherwise, it is a Candida approved food, whoot!

I have been challenged on what to have for breakfast so now I can have this instead. It is actually a seed, not a grain, and it is gluten-free.

Also, Maluca honey is approved. Until I can determine what the difference is I will use the local honey from where I live.



Here’s the recipe I made:

  • Cook buckwheat according to directions
  • Added cinnamon during cooking
  • Topped with max 1 TBSP of honey


buckwheat and honey


Super simple and it’s comparable to having oatmeal so it was a great substitute for me.

*Tip: Keep your portion size small on this to start out, it is super filling. Especially if you’ve been following this lifestyle.



Highs & Lows


  • 6 am: Today I didn’t wake up feeling too well 🙁
  • Didn’t eat anything, felt super tired and stomach still bloated and acid in my throat from last night. Took a nap.


  • Noon: Starting to feel better, had a chicken breast and salad. Yay for meat!
  • 2 pm: Armpit detox with Bentonite Clay


  • Date night! 😃 I’m excited to take my love to an Astronomy NightSky Viewing Event!
  • Update, the date went well and he was surprised! We got to look through high-powered telescopes and we saw Binary Stars and Mars! Very cool!
  • 9:15 pm: Made the buckwheat porridge with honey, yay for sweets! LOL, It was really good and I didn’t feel bleh from it either.

Day 6 Summary

Day 6 has been half rough. For anyone dealing with candida or leaky gut, when you have a flare up then you know exactly how it feels, not good.

I’m watching each food I eat and trying not to introduce too many different things in the mix so I can pinpoint what food is doing what to my body.

My itching has also returned this evening and the only things we can think of are the buckwheat, honey or deodorant. My bf thinks it’s the deodorant so I’ll keep an eye on that more closely.

All in all, the date made up for my less than stellar feelings today and it was good to get some meat and “sweets” back in my system.


What’s Working For You? 

Alright Attainers! What are you working on and what do you think of this cleanse I’m doing?

Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Until tomorrow…..

Open up your Hearts, Eyes, and Minds and Let’s Attain Your Awesome today!



*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, professional or anything of the sort. I’m a girl sharing her gut repair journey with others in hopes that it sheds more light on living our healthiest selves* 

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s attain your awesome!