Great Day Attainers! 

OMG!! I made it 10 whole days on this journey! Guys, this is huge!!

Really think about it, no sugar, dairy, alcohol, starches, and all kinds of other things!

Stay tuned for my conclusion post where I will share my final results, pounds shed, tips and more!


my gut repair journey day 10


I’m Sticking With It!

I’ve decided that I’m sticking to this lifestyle because it worked SO WELL for me!

Sometimes in life, you have to pick and choose what is really important to you.

For me, feeling good outweighs all the bad stuff that I really want to eat.

When you feel good then you look good, you’re happier and you feel all around better.


Today’s Menu

Today I’m craving meat and hearty food again so I’ll be having that for breakfast.

Have you guys found any good breakfast meals to have? Minus the buckwheat, I feel stuck in that area so I’d love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below and let me know, please.  🙂

I’ll also be trying salmon. I’ve tried it before and I’m not really a fan but it is a good source of protein so I’ll give it a whirl.

I’ll be cooking it in the oven and then toasting it up in a frying pan with more seasonings and garlic and onion.


Highs & Lows


  • 9:30 am: Brown rice with a few tablespoons of organic grass fed hamburger meat…again, dinner for breakfast Lol!
  • 9:30 am: I’m trying cranberry juice for the first time! This is approved on the candida diet however it must be the pure cranberry type, no fillers or additives.


  • 5:30 pm: Flax crackers for a snack


  • 7 pm: Salmon with a side salad
  • *Side note…..bleh to salmon Lol, I tried but it just isn’t for me!

Day 10 Summary

Day 10 was great! I’m learning so much about my body and what works for me.

This has been an excellent decision for me and I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone that has the symptoms on Dr. Axe’s list!

Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions! I can share my knowledge and experience and hopefully help you achieve your awesome healthy self!


If you missed any of the days, you can read the entire 10-day experience here!


What’s Working For You? 

Alright Attainers! What are you working on and what are your thoughts on how all of this has been working for me?

Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Until the next time…..

Open up your Hearts, Eyes, and Minds and Let’s Attain Your Awesome today!


*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, professional or anything of the sort. I’m a girl sharing her gut repair journey with others in hopes that it sheds more light on living our healthiest selves* 

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s attain your awesome!