Great Day Attainers!

One thing that comes up so often for some people is the feeling of guilt if they take care of themselves.

Somewhere along the way, we have attached the feeling of “selfishness” to doing things for ourselves.

The reality is, we need to replenish ourselves just as much if not more than we pour into others.

While some may find this saying cliche, you can’t deny that it is 100% accurate:

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Removing The Attachment Of Guilt

So just how exactly are you supposed to take care of yourself without feeling guilty? Well, it starts with the removal of guilt.

Honestly think to yourself at this moment, “if I go sit in the tub with a book, why do I feel guilty”?

What feelings come up? Are they ones that have been voiced to you directly? Or, are they ones you “think” others would feel if you did that?

See too often we “think” we know what others are thinking….gasp omg! she stepped away from (insert whatever/whomever) to take a bath and read?! That’s insane!

You just totally had a made-up conversation based on some old attachment to guilt.

Every time you feel these feelings come up, sit in a few moments of silence to work with those feelings and then let them pass.

Doing this will be SO freeing and will work in other areas of your life too!


5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Without Feeling Guilty


5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Without Feeling Guilty


Now armed with the exercise above, you can begin to work on the guilt, however, in case you are not there yet, here are 5 ways to take care of yourself without feeling guilty:


1. Make and drink a glass of tea:

With each sip of the tea, close your eyes and be present in the moment and have gratitude for the nourishment that the tea is bringing to your body.

2. Mirror Work:

Each time you wash your hands, brush your teeth or are in front of the mirror, take a minute and smile. Recognize how amazing you are. This self-recognition will do wonders!

3. Exercise:

This doesn’t have to mean taking an hour out of your day to hit the gym unless you want to! Do stretches while tying your shoes, step in place while doing dishes or pretend you are dancing in the car while listening to music (move those abs!) Speaking of music….

4. Listen to podcasts or uplifting music:

In today’s age, many people do not take advantage of their drives to and fro. We listen to the news and traffic reports etc. all of which do nothing to take care of us. Next time, listen to an inspirational podcast or listen to music that makes you feel happy 🙂 *The key here is to truly listen

5. Carry Crystals:

Crystals are unbelievably powerful! The two I highly recommend are Amethyst and Rose Quartz. They help with bringing peace and tranquility and promoting self-love and confidence.


In conclusion…

One thing I want to leave you with is that you are in control of your feelings. It is one of the only things we truly have control over.

If you have feelings of guilt, truly sit with yourself and learn why and then put in the work to remove them.

You deserve to take care of yourself and feel great about doing it!

I truly hope some of these ideas sparked an idea of your own or helps you attain a level of self-care that you deserve!

Sending you awesomeness =)


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